Ride-on Mowers

Collecting Mowers

If you want you want to cut your grass with little hassle and in comfort then have a look at our wide range of collecting ride-on mowers.

Our range of lawn riders and lawn tractors can tackle different sizes of gardens and come with different levels of warranty.

Decide if you want to collect the clippings or alternatively you can mulch the grass, meaning the clippings are put back into the lawn acting as a fertiliser. 

Some models come with mulching plugs and tow bars included – check model details for full information. 

Side-Discharge Mowers

Want to cut your grass but want to save time emptying the clippings? 

Side-discharge mowers will mean that you’ll never have to stop again for a full grass box.

Cut and the clippings are put out of the side of the machine and back into the grass, or you can mulch with these mowers too.

Fit the plug and the clippings are put back into grass and act as fertiliser. 

Check the full details of each model to see if it comes with a tow hitch and mulching kit.

Battery Ride-on Mowers

The battery ride-on mower range from Mountfield and Stiga gives you all the great features of a petrol ride-on without the cost of fuel or the emissions.

With either a range of sizes and power, we have a great selection to choose from.

You can collect or mulch depending on the type of machine.

All come with warranty.

Stiga Autonomous Robot Cashback

Get up to £500 cashback when you purchase a Stiga Autonomous Robot Mower before 12th July 2024. 

For more information – click here