Garden Care Advice

To make sure you get the best performance and long-life span of your machine you need to take care of it. 

Here are some helpful tips to ensure your mower will continue to perform at its best.

  • Before you start mowing, inspect your lawn for debris that may cause damage to your mower.
  • Periodically check all nuts, bolts and screws for tightness. Never do this while the machine is running.
  • If you can, regularly inspect the cutter blade. Damaged and imbalanced blades can cause vibration which in turn can damage the engine, deck and handles.
  • Do not over work your lawnmower. If your lawn has grown longer than usual it may be necessary to raise the cutting height for one pass before going back over the lawn at the desired (lower) cutting height.
  • If mowing on bumpy or uneven ground it may be necessary to raise the height of cut.  If the blade hits the ground the engine and self-propelling mechanism can be damaged.
  • Wash your mower after each use.
  • If you prefer to fold the handle down for storage, be careful not to snag the pull cord or cables.
  • For petrol mowers: If you anticipate not using your mower for 28 days or longer (for example storing over winter) lubricate moving parts and drain fuel from the tank and carburettor.
  • For battery-operated mowers: It is important to store your machine and batteries in a cool, dry place. Periodically recharge your batteries over winter or long periods without use in order to keep them healthy.
  • Remember to store your mower in a dry area out of the elements. Do not hang your mower via its handlebar or store vertically (unless your mower is a ‘sow and mow’ or similar model designed to be stored this way – see your user guide for storage info.)
  • If you suspect or discover your mower has a fault or breakage discontinue using the machine and seek immediate advice. Using a mower with a known fault or breakage can cause damage to other parts.
  • When you purchase your new lawn mower make sure to familiarise yourself with the instructions and advice in the operator guide supplied with your machine.
  • Always get your mower serviced annually to ensure it is ready for a new season and issues can be checked.

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