Front Cut

The Stiga Park front-cut range are the perfect mowers for medium to larger gardens, especially where visibility and maneuverability is key. Built to last, you’ll be able to enjoy cutting your garden for years to come.

The articulated steering allows you to effortlessly navigate around areas of your garden that other lawn mowers struggle to. The out-front deck allows for better visibility and to reach areas of your lawn with little fuss. Take a look at the range – and some of the benefits below.

Key Features

Quick Flip Decks

The Stiga Quick Flip system ensures you can keep your mower deck clean with minimal effort.

With just one hand and in under 10 seconds, you can raise the deck and get access to clean and maintain the deck.

When you’re done simply pull the knob at the side and flip the deck back down again before cutting.

It’s that quick and easy!

Great to Drive

The Stiga Park range ensures perfect visibility and easy manoeuvring thanks to its articulated steering and front cut deck.

The back wheels follow the same tracks as the front meaning there is more freedom and flexibility. The movement in the middle of the mower allows you to navigate tighter areas and around trees with ease.

Perfect Cut

The Stiga Park range offers an excellent cut thanks to the latest lawn mowing technology. It ensures that your machine will deliver the ‘best-in class’ cutting results with a finish you’ll be delighted with.

Equipped with patented Multiclip technology it ensures that grass clippings are cut into small pieces and fed back into the lawn to act as a natural fertiliser.

All of this ensures you get excellent results after every cut and that your garden looks greener and healthier.

App Connection

Some models of the Stiga Park come with Bluetooth as standard meaning you can easily connect to the Stiga App.

This allows you to review all working sessions with one simple tap.

Check maintenance alerts and possible issues and find tips for better mowing, maintenance and cleaning.

Models with Bluetooth as standard: Park 700W, Park 700WX & Park 900WX

Stiga Autonomous Robot Cashback

Get up to £500 cashback when you purchase a Stiga Autonomous Robot Mower before 12th July 2024. 

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