The all-new battery axial mowers – The Gyro Range

Drive-by-wire Joystick Controls

The Stiga drive-by-wire joystick system makes driving a Gyro a dream.

Easier to use for both first time zero-turn drivers and those who are used to the more traditional lap bars.

Its intelligent response makes the whole system smooth and allows the user to fully govern the machine’s direction, steering and speed with a simple flick of the wrist.

Tackle the Toughest Jobs

The largest Gyro (900e) comes with a 125cm heavy-duty cutting deck that can mow up to 13000 sqm in one charge.

It can tackle the toughest, thickest grass on wide areas with ease and enjoy the driving experience at the same time.

Easy to use Controls

The Gyro range offers the very latest technology – all at your fingertips.

Control the cutting height, headlights and engage the deck, all from the console.

With Stiga Smart cutting mode you can choose from three blade speed settings and you have a choice of speeds to suit your mowing needs.

Speed Controls

The Gyro allows you to select your driving speed to suit your needs. Comfort (at 4km/h) for a precise trim, Standard is for normal cutting or Performance (at 13km/h) for the fastest results.

You can also select your cutting blade speed. Eco (2800rpm) for very frequent mowing of soft grass. Standard (3000rpm) for usual weekly sessions and up to 2.5cm. Then there is Boost (3200rpm) for quicker cuts or thicker, taller grass.

Safety First

The Gyro is designed for maximum safety while working at inclines.

The weight distribution and very low centre of gravity means that it can safely tackle inclines of up to 15° – but tested to ensure a greater safety margin (roughly +20°) in comparison to suggested use of the machine.

Electronics that automatically limit speeds when working on slopes, along with safety brake, fully integrated within the Direct Drive motors gives even more safety protection.

Drive Direct Technology

The Gyro is built around the unique Stiga Direct Drive technology. Dual independent electric transmissions, one for each wheel, positioned in line and equipped with powerful 1.2kW brushless electric motors.

The technology allows for both a 360° turning radius (no uncut spots in your garden) and also a higher energy efficiency.

Smart Tech, Smart Charge

The Gyro allows you to connect to the Stiga App and keep on track of the performance of your mower. See the cutting efficiency, speed, incline, battery life cutting session time and much more.

Using the Stiga ePower batteries at its heart, the Gyro ensures great performance for years to come. Tested to ensure that they stay strong after 500 charging and discharging cycles. This equates to 10 years of weekly cutting sessions.



Stiga Gyro 700e



Stiga Gyro 900e



Stiga Gyro 700e



Stiga Gyro 900e


Meet the Gyro

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